"The Most Important Characters Of The Past 25 Years" 

Illustration campaign for Slate magazine.


This campaign consisted in developing a spot illustration for each character in Slate's ranked list.
The concept for every spot was formulated from a blurb written about the corresponding character.

Once the spots were finalized, the hero art was developed to crown the page.

Sapo Tournament Invitation

Invitation set for a mock Sapo tournament.


Sapo (or Rana) is an old game common in several South American
countries as well as parts of Europe. The game consists in two or
more players tossing coins onto a Sapo table. The coins then fall through
holes on the table denoting different amounts of points. Tossing a
coin into the mouth of the frog will give you the most points!


This envelope and invitation set can also fold out to work as a
rudimentary Sapo board to play on.